Your favorite little ole' film about dumpster magic and food waste is available now on DVD and iTunes through First Run Features at the links above. We have some bonus goodies available on DVD only, including short vignettes featuring each of the dumpster bros. Have you ever wondered what goes through someone's mind whilst wading through yon food waste? Now you too can spend some quality time on dumpster runs with The Boa, The Beast, Wad Scientist, Der Cammer, Kobrakoff, and Abu Finn, the wisest of all.
Runtime is 53 minutes with optional English, French, and Spanish subtitles.


In addition to the private use DVD's, we offer educational licenses and public screenings. These copies all contain PPR, Public Performance Rights, which are necessary to obtain in order to show the film outside of the home and in a public setting such as a school, library, auditorium, classroom or meeting room. If you would like to plan a public screening, show the film at school, or purchase a library copy, please email us at to request a screening application.

If you are interested in hosting a screening but simply lack the funds, please contact and let us know how you would like to use the film. We offer special rates for dedicated individuals, activists, and grassroots groups.